Text messaging, media messaging and email are great alternative ways of communicating. We offer these services on a large selection of mobile devices and wireless plans.
Callers can leave you voicemail even when you're on the phone. Access your messages when it's convenient for you.
Visual Voicemail
Listen to your messages without having to call into your voicemail service. Visual Voicemail is only available on iPhones and is included with the Voicemail Upgrade feature.

Phone Services

Call Display
See who's calling so you can decide if you want to answer or ignore the call.
Call Forwarding
Forward your incoming calls to any phone number you choose so your friends or family can answer the phone for you.
Call Return
Identify your last caller by dialing *69. It will even re-dial the number for you.
3-Way Calling
Add a third person to your conversation to make it easier to communicate with friends and family.


AMI-tv, a world first, makes television accessible to Canadians with vision and hearing impairments. AMI-tv broadcasts a wide range of popular programming – movies, series, specials, current affairs and original AMI programs – that can be enjoyed by everyone. All shows feature Open Described Video and Closed Captioning. AMI-tv is available on channels 888 and 1888 (HD) and is included with your Bell MTS Fibe TV service.
My Remote
With My Remote you can customize the A, B, and C buttons on your remote for one-touch access to your favourite Bell MTS Fibe TV channels and menu options to easily toggle to your closed captioning or Described Video.


Technical support
Bell MTS tech support reps can remotely access your computer to help you set up, modify and repair common connection issues for your Bell MTS Internet and email.
Keyboard options
Configure your keyboard to slow down its functionality and make your computer easier to use. For more information, visit Windows Accessibility or Mac Accessibility.

Bell MTS Accessibility Centre:

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