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Hello Manitoba

MTS is now BellMTSMTS is now BellMTS

It’s not often that a coming together of two companies brings such benefits to the customers and communities served by both, but that is what is happening today. MTS has been serving Manitobans for over a century and brings the learning and deep understanding of the specific needs of Manitoba’s consumers and businesses. Bell has been serving Canadians for well over a century and brings the scale and resources necessary to position Manitobans at the forefront of an increasingly global ecosystem.

Together Bell and MTS - now called Bell MTS in Manitoba - will invest $1 billion over 5 years in the province and will amongst other things:

  • Introduce significantly faster Internet speeds
  • Expand Manitoba’s mobile network coverage, with data speeds at least double those currently available
  • Provide world-class broadband and mobile network coverage to northern and other remote parts of Manitoba
  • Bring continuous wireless coverage along Manitoba’s highways
  • Launch innovative TV and streaming services including CraveTV
  • Roll out the best whole home Internet WiFi services
  • Provide businesses in Manitoba access to the largest data centre and fibre network in the country

These advancements will deliver profound benefits to consumers and businesses alike which is why with Bell and MTS together, today just got better.

Frequently asked questions

There are no changes to the terms of your service or your account numbers. In the long term, you will benefit from Bell’s $1 billion investment.

There is no change to the rates that you currently pay for your services or your agreement. Also, your bill date and the way you receive and pay your bill stays the same.

There is no change. You can contact MTS at 204 225-5687 or visit an MTS store.

For your wireless service, you now have access to Canada’s fastest ranked and largest network when travelling across the country.

Bell has committed to investing $1 billion to enhance broadband networks and services in Manitoba over 5 years. You will have access to larger and faster wireless coverage, even faster home Internet speeds in more neighbourhoods, and the latest in TV content, features and services.

The Competition Bureau requires a number of wireless contracts to be transferred to other carriers as part of its approval process. More information about customer transfers will be provided once all the details are finalized.

Customers who are transferring will be notified in advance. Bell is committed to providing a seamless transition. Until the transfer takes place, your service and rate plan will remain the same (unless you decide to change your plan or phone in the interim).