In-home Wi-Fi

With Bell MTS in-home Wi-Fi, all your devices can be online at once, anywhere in your home, with any of our High Speed Internet plans.

Or get our in-home Wi-Fi extender, and experience enhanced Wi-Fi speed, performance and coverage.

Wireless internet access
for all your devices

We will take care of the behind-the-scenes things like setting up all of your Wi-Fi enabled devices together. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy unlimited internet access from any device in your home.

In-home Wi-Fi, with 24/7 technical support, is included free for all new High Speed Internet customers.

Enhance your in-home Wi-Fi with the Bell MTS Wi-Fi extender for only $4 a month.

Lightning-Fast Speed

Do more of what you want to do online in less time. Experience the fastest dual band Wi-Fi AC technology on all of your family’s connected devices.

Consistent Performance

Experience fewer dropped connections. Unlike other extenders, our Wi-Fi extender is installed with a dedicated hardwire line to ensure your connection is there when you need it.

Maximum Coverage

Access the internet from more areas of your home and enjoy Wi-Fi on your patio in the summer, or in the comfy corner den of your basement.

Professional Installation and Support

Rest assured that your Wi-Fi is supported any time of the day or night. Bell MTS Wi-Fi extenders are installed and supported by our professional technical team.