Stay connected with unlimited internet access

With Bell MTS, you can get unlimited internet on any of our High Speed Internet plans. You can stay connected and in the know, without worrying about overage charges.

Wi-Fi hotspots

Get free internet access at all Bell MTS Wi-Fi hotspots with your High Speed Internet plan. Check out our Wi-Fi Locator for your nearest location.

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In-home Wi-Fi

Ditch the wires and get your own in-home Wi-Fi network. Perfect for connecting your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or gaming device.

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ZoneAlarm Internet Security Solutions

Free with all internet plans, ZoneAlarm® Extreme Security provides you with a complete security package, including anti-virus/anti-spam, firewall, data protection and more.

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Bell MTS Mail

Get your own Bell MTS email address with Bell MTS Mail and access your email online, anytime. Manage your contacts, calendar, and emails all in one convenient location.

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