What is Total Internet?

With Bell MTS Total Internet, your home Internet and wireless data are together in one, simple plan. Whether you’re browsing online at home or streaming music at the gym, Internet is the same wherever you go, so stop paying for it twice.

Total Internet plans

Add up to five members to your plan and share your Internet access with all of your family.

All Total Internet plans include:

  • High speed Internet at home, including in-home Wi-Fi.

  • Personal mobile hotspot.

  • Flat rate, Canada-wide wireless data on your smartphone.

Upgrade with Speed Boosts

All Total Internet plans include in-home Internet speeds up to 10 Mbps. And you can add additional Speed Boosts for even faster downloads.

Next, add Bell MTS MyPlan for the features and minutes you need.

Every MyPlan begins with the Bell MTS Wireless Starter Plan:

  • Unlimited text, picture, and video messaging

  • Voicemail Lite (three one-minute messages)

  • Call Display

  • Unlimited international text messaging from Canada

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi at Bell MTS Wi-Fi hotspots

Add minutes for each member:

Total Internet walkthrough

Find out what plan is best for you.

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Set-top box and PVR offer

Receive a special bonus of two additional wired set-top box rentals and PVR service free – as long as you are on Total Internet. A value of up to $14.00 a month.

Need a new smartphone?

Total Internet works if you are brand new to Bell MTS or an existing wireless customer. Find out how Total Internet works with your wireless contract. Looking for a new smartphone? Check out our full lineup of phones and devices, and visit a store today!