Total Internet & Wireless Contracts

How does Bell MTS Total Internet work with my Wireless Contract?

Whether you are brand new to Bell MTS or an existing customer – Bell MTS Total Internet will work for you. It doesn't matter if you signed a contract to get a subsidized price for your phone, or bought it outright, you can add your smartphone to a Total Internet plan.

To get started, you will need to have your smartphone set up on a customized Bell MTS MyPlan on the Bell MTS 4G/HSPA or LTE networks. Check out all the ways you can build your own custom wireless plan with Bell MTS MyPlan Builder.

Then, sign up for Total Internet and add your smartphone as a Total Internet member.

You can also add up to 4 additional smartphone plans to your Total Internet account, giving all members of your family the benefits of Total Internet.

After you add your family members to Total Internet, you can also authorize them on your account, giving them the flexibility to add or remove their smartphone from your Total Internet plan. If changes are made to your Total Internet plan membership, you will be notified by email. Your family members will be notified by text to let them know when their smartphone has been added to your Total Internet plan.

Once smartphone plans are added to a Total Internet account, the charge for selected data options are removed. As long as your smartphone remains a member of Total Internet, you will not be charged for your data option. If you cancel your smartphone membership on Bell MTS Total Internet, the data option you selected on your contract will be reapplied to your account. If you cancel all smartphone memberships on Total Internet, but want to keep home Internet service, your plan will switch to the equivalent speed Bell MTS home Internet plan.

What does that mean for my bill?

Your bill will vary based on the services you have.

For all Total Internet Plan Members:

  • Your Internet service is converted to Total Internet service
  • Your wireless data charge is removed as long as your smartphone is on a Total Internet plan.

Bell MTS MyPlan and High Speed Internet:

Fibe 10 $72.95
Bell MTS Wireless Starter Plan $35.00
Minutes (200 Minutes) $10.00
10GB $25.00
Total: $142.95

Bell MTS Total Internet:

Total Internet
Total Internet 1 Plan $73.95
Bell MTS Wireless Starter Plan $35.00
Minutes (200 Minutes) $10.00



Looking for a new smartphone?

If you are looking to get a new smartphone and add it to a Total Internet plan we have a great lineup of the latest devices to choose from. Learn more about Bell MTS Wireless Devices.

You can choose from a large selection of the latest devices. The price you pay for your new smartphone will depend on the MyPlan you've customized, and the length of your contract.

Get all the details with the Bell MTS MyPlan Builder.