Voicemail Upgrade

Voicemail Upgrade


a month

Upgrade your voicemail - save up to 25 three-minute messages and get Visual Voicemail for iPhone.

Do you get a lot of calls from friends, family, business customers or co-workers? Ever miss an important message because your voice mailbox was full? With Voicemail Upgrade, you can receive up to 25 three-minute messages that can be saved for 25 days.

This is more messages than your plan includes. With the voicemail upgrade, your mailbox doesn't fill up so quickly and you get all of your messages. In comparison, Voicemail Lite that comes with your plan allows you to save three one-minute messages.

Visual Voicemail for iPhone

Voicemail Upgrade also includes Visual Voicemail* for iPhone users. This is not included with your plan - only with this upgrade. Visual Voicemail displays caller and voicemail information right on your screen and lets you listen to voicemail messages in any order you want.

There's no need to enter a password and call in to check messages. Just scroll through your messages and erase or archive them right from your screen.


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