Bell MTS Wireless Devices Recycling Program

Support the environment and Manitoba youth at the same time by recycling your wireless products at Bell MTS stores. The Bell MTS Wireless Devices Recycling Program gives people the opportunity to reduce the impact that disposing of old wireless devices has on the environment. Under this program, wireless products and accessories will be sent to a Canadian recycling facility to be refurbished or dismantled, depending on the model and its condition. The materials can then be used to produce new mobile devices and a variety of other items. Above and beyond that, proceeds from the program will be channelled towards the MTS Future First program focused on bettering the lives of youth in Manitoba. Recycle your device at a Bell MTS Store nearest you.

As part of our past recycling efforts, Bell MTS has helped divert 184,718 Kgs of waste from landfills and has recycled over 46,000 devices. Moving forward, Bell MTS’s Recycling program in support of Future First will help us to continue in this path and achieve social change by supporting the advancement of Manitoba youth. The MTS Future First program is a multi-faceted community investment program that includes sponsorships, grants, donations, scholarships and fundraising programs.

Is there a cost to recycle my device?

No, this is a free service.

What can be recycled through this program?

Any wireless device and associated accessories including cell phones, tablets, data sticks, wireless cards, data cables, chargers, cell phone batteries, headphones, Bluetooth accessories etc.

Can I recycle a device that was not originally purchased from Bell MTS or used on the Bell MTS network?

We accept all makes and models from any service provider. The wireless devices do not have to be from Bell MTS, nor used on our network.

Where can I recycle my old wireless devices?

Any Bell MTS Store.

How can I recycle my old wireless devices?

Please drop off your device at any Bell MTS Store in the identified Recycling Program bins.

Is there anything I should do before I recycle my old wireless devices?

Please remove SIM cards and Memory Cards if there are any. In order for us to help protect your personal data, we strongly encourage you to erase all information and images, especially personal information (yours and others) from your device. This can include text messages, contacts, pictures, etc. Instructions on how to erase your personal information can be found in the instruction manual of the device or by contacting the manufacturer directly. Once recycled, you cannot get your phone back so be sure to erase/transfer all information prior to recycling.

What does Bell MTS do with the old wireless devices?

First, all data is erased from the wireless devices. Depending on the model and condition of the device, some devices are used for parts or refurbished. The remaining devices are recycled in Canada in accordance with industry best practices and in compliance with Canadian laws and regulations. Bell MTS donates net proceeds from this program to the MTS Future First program which is focused on bettering the lives of youth in Manitoba.

How does recycling my device through this program benefit the environment?

Recycling your device and associated accessories helps ensure that hazardous substances are handled properly to prevent pollution from entering the air, soil, and water. Materials are also recycled to reduce the amount that ends up in the landfill, and many parts and devices are reused.