Bringing fibre right to Winnipeg businesses.

Bell MTS is investing $400 million to deliver the world's best network technology across the city.

Fibre right to
your business

It's the world's best network technology, and Bell MTS brings it right to your business.

The best and fastest Internet technology

Pure fibre makes the Internet travel at the speed of light. There's nothing faster.


The most advanced network technology in the world gives you access to amazing services today and is ready for the advancements of tomorrow.

An incredible TV experience

Enjoy 4K picture quality1 and a combination of features you won't find anywhere else.

Pure fibre Internet from Bell MTS gives you all this:

Best Wi-Fi technology

Keep customers and employees connected throughout all corners of your business with amazing Wi-Fi coverage.2

Trusted reliability

With fibre you can stay up and running with a connection you can count on.

Fast response time

A technology with low latency, perfect for quick POS transactions,
e-commerce and video conferencing.


A service that will keep getting faster and that is ready for the advancements of tomorrow.

Business Fibe TV brings you a combination of features you won't find anywhere else:

Amazing TV entertainment

Enjoy 4K picture quality1 and get access to the best of TV entertainment.

Wireless receivers

Put your TVs anywhere you want and keep customers entertained wherever they sit.3


Don't miss out on popular shows. Restart from the beginning shows in progress or from the past 30 hours.4

Flexible programming

Give your customers and staff the content they really want with your choice of sports, music and other great channels.5

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