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Share data easily across devices.

Our plans help you save money and are flexible to accommodate the changing needs of your team.

Switch to Bell MTS and get up to $300 off each device. Conditions apply.

Business Team Share calculator

Start with two smartphone plans and add any other devices you want: smartphone, tablet or voice device; no maximum.

1. Choose your plans

If you require more than 25 plans please contact us or visit a Bell MTS store.

TypeQuantityTotal Monthly Price
Smartphone – Team Share info @ $55.00 -
Smartphone – Team Share Select info @ $75.00 -
Tablets @ $10.00 -
Total Data Sharing Units -  
Voice Only PlansClick for more detail @ $50.00 -

2. Choose your data

All Business Team Share data options are Canada-wide data and include tethering. At least one data option is mandatory.

TypeQuantityTotal DataTotal Monthly Price
5GB @ $15.00 - -
10GB @ $25.00 - -
15GB @ $35.00 - -
50GBClick for more detail @ $100.00 - -
Total -  
Average data per data sharing unit -  
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