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Playstation 2 setup

After installing the Sony Playstation 2 Network Adapter (refer to the Technical Setup guide provided with the Sony Network Adapter), insert the Network Adaptor Start-Up disk into your PS2 and turn it on.

  1. When you are ready, select ISP Setup.

  2. Press the X key on your Playstation 2 game pad to continue.

  3. Make sure you have a memory card inserted with the necessary available space and press X to continue.

  4. Press X to register and follow the guide OR press the "Square"' button to continue and register at a later time.

  5. Press X to continue.

  6. After your Network Adapter has been detected, press the X button to continue.

  7. After reading the warning from SCEA, press X to continue.

  8. Type Bell MTS High Speed Internet for the connection name. Select the on-screen Enter key to continue.

  9. Select Yes. Press X to continue.

  10. Select Automatic Settings and press X to continue.

  11. Select Yes. Press X to continue.

  12. Press the X button to continue.

  13. Complete the login details:
    1. In the "User ID" field, enter your full login name in lowercase letters.
      • (I.e. Note: Select the on-screen "Shift" key to input the "@" symbol.

    2. In the "Password" and "Verify Password" fields, enter your password.
    3. Select the on-screen "Enter" to continue.
    4. Please wait while your Playstation 2 tests the connection.


    If a connection problem is found, please verify all connections and re-enter the user ID and password information.

  14. Press the X button to save your configuration.

  15. After your configuration is saved, press the X button to return the main menu. Your setup is now complete.

For additional information regarding online gaming, setting up your connection, and troubleshooting tips, please visit the Sony Playstation website at


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