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Smartphone Wi-Fi FAQs

Smartphone Wi-Fi is a service that automatically transfers a customer's HSPA smartphone or 3G iPad from the Bell MTS wireless network to Wi-Fi when the customer enters an Bell MTS 'Smartphone Wi-Fi' location.  This service is free of charge to customers that subscribe to an Bell MTS data plan on their HSPA smartphone or 3G iPad.

The main benefit is faster data speeds.  Also, data used on your smartphone or 3G iPad while connected to Wi-Fi does not apply to your monthly plan.

I've used Bell MTS Wi-Fi Hotspots before; is this the same thing?

The way your smartphone or 3G iPad access the Wi-Fi network is different. Once you set up your device with Smartphone Wi-Fi, your device will seamlessly transfer when you are in a Bell MTS' Smartphone Wi-Fi' location.

Can I still use an Bell MTS Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Yes. However, you will need to login to the Wi-Fi Hotspot using your wireless or Internet credentials. For information on how to login refer to Bell MTS Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Where can I use Smartphone Wi-Fi?

Visit our Wi-Fi Hotspot Locator for current locations.

What if I don't want to use the Smartphone Wi-Fi service?

This service will be added free of charge to all HSPA devices that subscribe to a data plan. If you do not want to use this service, simply turn off the Wi-Fi radio on your device.

What devices are compatible with the Smartphone Wi-Fi?

Any HSPA device that supports Wi-Fi is compatible; this includes smartphones and the 3G iPad. What about Prepaid devices? Currently prepaid 3G iPad devices can use this service.

Does a pop up message or something tell me when I'm using Smartphone Wi-Fi?

There is no pop up message due to the seamless transfer; however, the Wi-Fi indicator will appear on the screen of your device. Blackberry devices will display the Wi-Fi network name "Bell MTS Wireless".

What happens if I'm using data (sending an email or downloading a file) while entering a Smartphone Wi-Fi location?

After the data session completes on the Wireless network, the device will use Wi-Fi for any new data session.

What happens if I'm using data while leaving a Smartphone Wi-Fi location?

If not complete, the data you are using will disconnect when your smartphone or 3G iPad is out of Wi-Fi range. You will need to start your task again.


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