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What is my Wi-Fi key / password?


  • A Wi-Fi key or password is a code needed to gain wireless access to your home network.
  • Your Wi-Fi key or password can include numbers, letters or special characters (i.e.!, @, #, etc.).
Fibe TV Customers using Wi-Fi

Your Fibe TV RG has a default 10-digit Wi-Fi (wireless network) key which can be found on a sticker located on the bottom or side of the Fibe TV RG. Enter this Wi-Fi key into your wireless device to connect to your home network.

DSL Broadband Customers

To access your Wi-Fi key or password from any wired computer on your network:

  1. Open up your Internet browser.
  2. In the address bar, type in and press Enter.
  3. This will bring you to the gateway information page.
  4. If you are using the Actiontec GT724WGR gateway a "What would you like to do?" prompt will appear.


    If you are not using the Actiontec GT724WGR gateway, you may need to navigate to the wireless section of the menu to locate the Wi-Fi key and/or password. (steps 5 – 7 may not apply to you).

  5. Select manual Setup.
  6. From the icon selections at the top of the page, choose Wireless Setup.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view your Wi-Fi Key (Pre-Shared Key) or Password.
  8. If the Wi-Fi Key or Password is starred out (i.e. *********), type in a new Wi-Fi Key or Password and click Apply.


    • If you change your Wi-Fi key or password, you will need to update all wireless devices with the Wi-Fi key or password before a connection to the Internet is possible.
    • If you have changed your Wi-Fi key or password from the default or are unable to gain access to your authorized Bell MTS gateway to obtain your Wi-Fi key or password, please Contact Us.
Connecting to your Wi-Fi Extender

To connect to the extender use your existing Wi-Fi network SSID and Password or optionally use the WPS button located at the top of the extender in conjunction with the WPS button on your device.


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