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Bell MTS Total Internet Discontinuation

In January 2023, Bell MTS will be discontinuing the Bell MTS Total Internet plan. Customers are encouraged to contact us at 204-225-5687 or visit a Bell MTS store for exclusive plans that provide you with the same or better value for your wireless voice and data and home Internet needs.

Why is Bell MTS discontinuing the Total Internet plan?

We are discontinuing our older Bell MTS wireless network, and the Total Internet plan is not available on our newer Bell Mobility network. In order to provide customers with comparable service and pricing, we need to move customers to a Wireless plan that is compatible with our newer network, along with a new home internet plan.

What will happen to my Internet service?

Your Internet service will continue at the same speed, but you will get a new Fibe Internet plan, along with an ongoing $20/month discount.

What are my options for my Wireless Service?

You will have access to multiple plan options that provide the same or better value at a similar monthly cost. Simply call us or visit a store as soon as possible to discuss.

What will happen to my Wireless Service if I do not call or visit a store prior to January 2023?

You will no longer have talk, text and data and will need to reactivate service on a new plan.

What will happen to my TV service?

There will be no changes to your TV service, and any credits you currently have will remain.

What will happen to my Home Phone service?

There will be no changes to your Home Phone service.

Will I need to agree to a new commitment period?

You will not have to commit to a new term. You can choose a new plan on Bell Mobility without a set term. However, you may choose to get a new phone with Bell SmartPay and choose to pay for your new phone in 24 monthly payments.


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