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Bell MTS Calling Card instructions

Placing a call:

  1. Have your Bell MTS Calling Card and 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) ready.
  2. If you're calling from a hotel, follow the hotel instructions to get an outside line. Please note some hotels may also apply a surcharge.
  3. In Canada or the U.S. - Dial 1-888-554-9999 to access the Canadian Network. Use this number for calls within Canada, Canada to the U.S., the U.S. to Canada, within the U.S., from the U.S. to international destinations or Canada to international destinations.
  4. Follow the voice prompts to select language choice (French or English) and payment method.

By using your Bell MTS Calling Card, you can benefit from the applicable long distance charges detailed in your particular plan. The call will automatically appear on your Bell MTS phone bill.


Make sure to keep your PIN confidential. For Calling Card inquiries, to report a lost or stolen card, or to change your PIN, please call 1-866-227-3687, in Canada and the U.S.


  • Bilingual operators are available.
  • Place up to 5 calls in a row without hanging up. Press # after each call and follow the voice prompts.
  • Prepaid cards, or collect calls can also be used with this service.
  • If at any time you encounter problems, press 0 and an operator will help you.
  • A per call transaction fee applies to Calling Card calls. When placing a call from another long distance carrier's equipment (such as payphones, business offices or hotel rooms), the carrier may apply a service charge to connect your call to our network.
  • Service may not be available from all telephones in a particular country.


Hours of operation