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Apps on TV FAQs

I've customized the A, B or C button on my remote. Will they still work while I'm in an App?

No. Some Apps use those buttons and because of this Bell MTS disables the customized functions while you are in an App. Once you exit an App, your customized My Remote functions will return.

Does using an App use up one of my four live TV streams?

Most Apps on TV do not use a TV Stream. Most Apps use your Internet connection, which means you can still watch or record up to four High Definition programs simultaneously while using an App. These Apps, however, do count as one TV stream:

  • Ultimate Picks
  • MyPicks
  • Netflix
Why are some Apps really slow - I have the Bell MTS High Speed Internet Light plan?

Apps on TV actually use your Internet plan, and the Light plan may not be fast enough to support the content on all Apps. You can choose to upgrade to our Lightning Plan in order to improve the performance of your Apps. Visit High Speed Internet to discover all the plans you are eligible for.

Why do I have to subscribe to some Apps, but not others?

Some Apps are provided by 3rd party developers who, like other TV programmers, charge a usage fee for access to their content.


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