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Search - How to Use

Looking for a specific show? Search allows you to find a program or actor that is airing within the next 13 days or is currently in the Video On Demand library.

To search by program name or actor:

  • Press the A button (Yellow Triangle), or;
  • Press MENU, then DOWN ARROW to SEARCH and press OK.
  • The Search screen appears with the following:
    • Use the ARROW buttons to select letters on the ALPHABETIC KEYPAD to search for the program or person.
    • Press Space line to add a space between words.
    • Press Back arrow to delete a letter/number.
    • Press 123 to activate the numeric keypad.
  • On the right side of the screen, a list of programs or names that contain the letter or number entered appear.


  • To narrow the search, highlight OPTIONS and press OK. The following filters are available:
    • ALL RESULTS – Displays people, program titles, and Video On Demand programs
    • TITLES – Titles from Live TV and VOD display ("VIDEO" indicates VOD titles)
    • VIDEO ON DEMAND – Only VOD programs display
    • CAST AND CREW – Only programs with the person appear
    • CHANNELS – Only channel names appear
  • The first 5 results will display along with posters on the right. If your result is not in the first 5 posters use the ARROW buttons to highlight the VIEW ALL icon on the far right and press OK.
  • Use the ARROW buttons to highlight the title or name from the list on the right, then press OK.
    • If the filter is set to TITLE, times when the program is playing displays along with program details at the bottom of the screen. Programs are displayed in sub-categories such as ON DEMAND and LIVE.
    • If the filter is set to PEOPLE, programs featuring that person appear along with program details at the bottom of the screen.
    • If the filter is set to VIDEO ON DEMAND, the Program Info Summary screen appears with program detail along with rental information.
  • Press EXIT to return to Live TV.


A quick way to access search options is to press the ENTER/ASPECT button on your remote while the search menu is open.


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