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Playback of Recordings

After you have recorded a program, you can watch it whenever you want.

  1. Press RECORDED TV on your remote control. The RECORDED TV screen lists your available recordings by date, from the most recently recorded programs to the oldest.
  2. Recordings that have not been viewed will display in white, already watched recordings will display the title in grey.
  3. Highlight the recorded show that you want to watch, and press OK. The Program Info screen appears.
  4. In the Program Info screen:
    • Highlight Play, and press OK to play the recording from the beginning.
      Note: If the recorded program is locked by parental locking, you will need to enter your 4-digit pin in the locked program screen that appears.
    • If you stopped watching the recorded program before and want to begin watching again from where you left off, highlight Resume Play, and press OK.
    • If you stopped watching the recorded program before and want to start over again, highlight Start Over and press OK.


To see a list of recordings in alphabetical order, press the right arrow button to highlight By Title on the horizontal menu bar.

Controlling Playback

You can control recorded TV using the same playback control buttons that you use to pause, rewind, and fast-forward Bell MTS Video On Demand programs.

Channel 1001, Recorded TV Channel

You can also access Recorded TV through channel 1001 in your Guide. You can tune to the channel and away from the channel, just as you would any other channel, to access your recordings.


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