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Call Forward No Answer

Incoming calls can be re-directed to a number when you don't answer your cell phone. If your phone is turned off or you move out of the cellular service area, your calls will still be forwarded. (The phone will ring three times before the call is forwarded).

Incoming calls will be re-directed to another number if your line is busy. (This feature is not compatible with Call Waiting.) If you would like to use this feature and you have Call Waiting, please call 204-987-6666 for customer service.

You will no longer need to dial the star (*) key to activate Call Forward. Instead, you access the feature through your phone's menu.

On many devices, it is commonly found under Options > Call Management > Call Forwarding.


Using the Call Forward service shuts off your voice mail service. You will need to turn your voice mail service back on after deactivating Call Forward.


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