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Change the number of rings before forwarding to voicemail

You can control the number of times your phone rings before forwarding the call to your mailbox. The default setting is three rings.

For HSPA (3G) devices:

The number of rings is determined by the 'number of seconds to wait' before forwarding the call to your mailbox.

  1. Dial this sequence: *61 *1 204 287 2800 *11 *[then enter number of seconds to wait] # [SEND or CALL].

    For the number of seconds to wait - choose from the following options:

    1. For one ring, enter 5.
    2. For two rings, enter 10.
    3. For three rings, enter 15.
    4. For four rings, enter 20.
    5. For five rings, enter 25.
    6. For six rings, enter 30 (This is the maximum number of rings/seconds).

SAMPLE: *61*12042872800*11*20#[SEND or CALL] - sets your phone to ring four times (20 seconds) before going to your mailbox.


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