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Short Codes

A short code is a "short" phone number that companies use to send and receive text messages. They are usually 4 to 6 digits and are used for things such as television voting, charitable donations, daily horoscopes, jokes, and even social media updates.


Bell MTS uses short codes from time-to-time to communicate with our wireless customers. They often notify you of service updates and show "7000" in the "From" field. These messages are free to receive.

How much does short code texting cost?

While some short codes are free, most are pay per use.

Short codes can be billed based on messages sent or received, or are billable based on a time period (i.e. weekly/monthly). Any charges associated with these programs will appear on your monthly bill.


When you open a URL from a text message, additional data charges will apply.

How to stop a short code program or get information
  • Text STOP to end a short code program, you will receive a confirmation.
  • Text INFO or HELP to find out about a program and get contact details. The Content Provider can answer program questions and confirm billing details for the short code.
Mobile Giving/Charity Short Codes

Want to donate to a charity or a relief effort? Some charities are making it easier with text short codes that you can use to donate. The donation will appear on your wireless bill as a "Text Donation" and 100% of your donation will go to the charity.

Short codes will often appear on your charity of choice’s website. Learn more about supported charities and download a tax receipt of your donations.

Amber Alert short codes

Amber Alerts - When a child is abducted, local police will issue an Amber Alert. A free text message can be sent to your phone when an amber alert is issued by local police. You can opt-in to receive free amber alerts by texting the word "amber" to 26237 or visit Wireless Amber Alerts.

Can I block access to a short code so my child cannot use it?

If you are the account holder, call 204 225-5687 and ask one of our customer service representatives to block your cell phone number from that short code program.

Please be advised there is no guarantee for how long the program will remain blocked.

I have questions about short text messages or charges I'm receiving

I didn't subscribe to this service, why am I receiving messages?

If you feel you are being charged for services you didn't sign up for, text HELP to the short code and you will receive a reply containing the contact information for the content provider. They can check their traffic logs to verify messaging, and may provide a credit when warranted. Alternatively, Contact Us and an Bell MTS customer service representative can assist you.

How private is my information?

Investigate the terms & conditions of service on the short code provider's website prior to texting the short code - especially pricing and frequency.

  • Use caution when giving out personal information.
  • Be aware that short code messages you send/receive can be traced.


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