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Text Messaging Instructions

All newer digital cell phones are text messaging capable. If you have an older cell phone, you may only have 1-way text (receive only) or no text capability.

To verify whether your cell phone has 2-way, 1-way or no text messaging capability, Contact Us.

How to Send a Text Message

Mobile to Mobile

  1. On your cellphone or mobile device, go to the main menu, then find the Message or Mail function, and indicate OK.
  2. Select Text Message or New Message, and indicate OK.
  3. In the Address or Send To or Phone Number screen enter the 10-digit cellular number or short code that you are calling and indicate OK.
  4. In the Message screen, enter your message using the letter on the keypad, then indicate OK.
  5. Press the Send Message key and your message will be sent.


Wording for your phone options may vary. If you have difficulties sending a text message, Contact Us.

Mobile to Email

Follow the previous instructions, however in the Address field, simply enter the email address of the recipient.

Email to Mobile

In the To field of your email message, enter the 10-digit cellular number Do not include any spaces or hyphens. For example,


Using Predictive Text can help you enter message more quickly. This is where the screen predicts the word you are entering so that you will not need to enter all the characters. Remember - your message is limited to 160 characters.

How to Receive a Text Message

New Message Indicator

Depending on the model of your cell phone, a message waiting may be indicated by an audible beep, a graphic of an envelope displayed on the screen, and/or text displayed on the screen.

Message Retrieval

Press the button on your cell phone that displays a graphic of an envelope and follow the screen prompts. Otherwise, read your inbox by selecting the main menu and mail options.

Digital cellular phones can receive message up to 200 characters in length. This maximum automatically includes the sender's return email address, which varies in length with individual email services.

Cell phones will automatically receive messages while the power is on, and within most coverage areas. SMS is not available within all coverage areas. Bell MTS will hold messages for three days, after which they will automatically be deleted.

How to Block Unwanted Text Messages

Some phones can block text messages and phone calls from specific phone numbers. Reference your user guide or device manufacturer’s website for information about how to set this up. If your phone doesn’t have this feature, search your app store to find an app that can do this for you.


  • Make sure to check the reviews and comments before downloading any app to your phone.
  • User guides are available here: Wireless Device Support.


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