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Wireless FAQs

When roaming, I can be asked for a credit card number when calling. Why?

Charges will go to a credit card if you are picked up by another network or if there's no roaming agreement.

How are airtime charges calculated?
  • There's a minimum airtime charge of one minute per call. After that, airtime charges are calculated in one-minute increments.
  • Airtime is paid on all outgoing and incoming calls.
  • Airtime charges will depend on minutes of airtime used, time of day, and your rate plan.
Why doesn't the total number of minutes on my bill match the detail of the calls shown?

The detail of calls only reflects long distance calls. If you'd like your bill to include peak, evening and weekend minutes used, you should subscribe to the Detailed Billing option.

When is my monthly payment due?

Payment is due when you receive a bill. To avoid late charges, we must receive and process full payment before your next billing date. Please allow 10 days processing time when paying at financial institutions or through the mail.

Can my spouse call to inquire or make changes to my account?

Not unless his/her name is listed on your records.

How do I change my cell number?

To change your wireless number you need to visit a Bell MTS store. A new number will be assigned to your account, and the representative will program the new number to your hardware.

What is the fee for overuse?

Any overuse is dependent upon your rate plan. If long distance charges apply, please note that this is in addition to any overage charges.

What is the hardware activation fee?

The hardware activation fee applies to both Manitoba and Kenora customers, and for both Voice & Data devices on new contracts.

What if I have Warranty, Accessories or Handset Inquiries?

Please visit a Bell MTS store to discuss issues relating to your wireless handsets, accessories or warranty.

How do I cancel my contract or wireless service?

If you still have time left on your contract but want to cancel, there is a buyout charge for every month you have left on your existing contract. For confidentiality reasons, it is necessary for you to contact us by telephone (toll free 204 225-5687) rather than via e-mail to cancel service. Some services require a minimum notice of 30 days before cancellation. Please check out our Terms and Conditions page for more information about terminating services and details of service agreements.


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