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Bell MTS Wireless Network Discontinuation

We are discontinuing our older wireless network in February 2023. To continue to enjoy mobile service in Manitoba, it is important that you make the move to our newer Bell Mobility network.

To avoid a service disruption, simply visit a Bell MTS store, and we’ll set you up with a new SIM card and plan with Bell Mobility. If you do not take action, talk, text and data will no longer be available on your device.


Why is the Bell MTS network being discontinued?

Our newer Bell Mobility network provides faster and more reliable service with newer technology including 5G, Wi-Fi calling, and VoLTE (Voice over LTE).

How do I know if I am on Bell MTS or Bell Mobility?

Your SIM card in your device will say Bell MTS, MTS or Bell. If it says Bell MTS or MTS, you will need to move to Bell Mobility to continue with your wireless service. For info on how to see your SIM card, visit You can also visit a Bell MTS store for assistance.

How are you notifying customers who are impacted by this change?

We have sent multiple communications including letters and text messages and we will continue to notify customers with additional text messages as well as another letter in January.

What happens if I do not move my Wireless account to Bell Mobility?

If you do not take action, talk, text, and data will no longer work on your device. Visit a Bell MTS store as soon as possible to avoid service disruption.

Will I get to keep my phone number when I move to Bell Mobility?

Yes, your phone number will remain the same.

Will I have to get a new phone?

In most cases, your existing phone will work on our Bell Mobility network. If it is locked, one of our store agents will be happy to assist you with getting it unlocked at no charge. If for any reason your new phone is not able to be unlocked, or does not work on our newer Bell Mobility network, we will provide a replacement at no charge. Please visit a Bell MTS store for more information.

Will my monthly cost increase when I move to Bell Mobility?

You will have access to a plan with similar features and monthly cost as your current plan. You can also choose one of our other great plans.

Will I need to agree to a new commitment period?

You will not have to commit to a new term. Bell Mobility services will be provided to you without a set term unless you get a new phone with Bell SmartPay and choose to pay for your new phone in 24 monthly payments.

Why do I have a new agreement with Bell Mobility?

Your new agreement with Bell Mobility will outline Bell Mobility’s Terms of Service that are applicable to your new rate plan and features, including the monthly rate plan charge. If you choose to purchase a new device, your agreement will explain the terms for payment of that device.

I have a Total Internet plan for my home Internet and wireless services. What does this mean for my internet and wireless services?

In January, our Total Internet plan for your home and wireless services will no longer be offered. Your home Internet will automatically be moved to a Fibe Internet plan with the same speed. Plus, you will receive an ongoing $20 monthly credit.

In order to maintain wireless service, you will need to choose a new plan on our newer Bell Mobility network. If you do not take action, talk, text and data will no longer be available on your device. It is important that you visit a Bell MTS store before January 2023 so that you don’t lose your service. There will be no changes to your TV or Home phones services.

Will my plan need to change?

Most customers will be able to continue to have a plan and price similar to what they have now when they move over to our newer Bell Mobility network. Please visit a Bell MTS store for more information.

When I move to a new Bell Mobility plan will I lose my voicemail messages?

Your current voicemail will not be migrated and your voice messages will be deleted. You will need to download any important voice messages from your Bell MTS wireless voicemail. You will get a new Voicemail mail box with Bell Mobility and will have to set up a new password and greeting.

Will I have one bill for my Bell MTS Wireline and Bell Mobility Wireless services?

Yes, you can continue to receive one bill for your wireless and wireline services.

Will I need to update my payment information, including pre-authorized payments, after I migrate to Bell Mobility?

If you only have Wireless service on your Bell MTS bill, you will now be billed by Bell Mobility under a new account number. You will need to set up new pre-authorized payments with Bell Mobility. If you do not have pre-authorized payments set up, you will need to set up a new payee with your new account number.

If you have a consolidated bill with other services with Bell MTS such as Internet, TV or Home phone, you will not need to update your payment information including pre-authorized payments.

Will I still be able to manage my wireless account online?

Yes, you can manage your wireless service through the MyBell app. Please visit You can continue to manage your home services through Bell MTS MyAccount.


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