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Why can't I browse the Internet on my phone?

There could be various reasons why you can't browse the Internet on your device. Some general things to check include:

  • Ensure the web address is correct.
  • If you are connecting through your home network please refer to: How can I connect my device through my
    Bell MTS home network
  • Make sure your plan includes data. Visit MyAccount if you’re not sure.
  • Check the signal strength on your device. Low bars means your device may not be getting a sufficient signal.
  • Check the network indicator (near the signal strength bars). HSPA devices should show: Bell MTS 3G, 4G or LTE.
  • If it's not showing, there could be an issue with the network connection. Refer to your device to learn how to restore connections.
  • If your device has a SIM Card, ensure it's properly inserted into your device.
  • Power cycle/restart your device (leave off for 30 seconds). This can reload the software and renew your connection to the network.
  • When using data in Canada, you will be charged at the rate specified in your wireless data rate plan. You will be notified via text message when approaching $50 of wireless data overages. Consent to exceed $50 of wireless data will be required if you wish to continue using data in Canada, in which case you are expressly and knowingly consenting to pay the additional charges (taxes extra) associated with continued data use at overage rates defined in your rate plan.
  • When travelling outside of Canada and data roaming is turned on, you will be presented with options to purchase Data Passes when starting a data session. You will not be able to use data unless you have purchased one of these passes or are using Wi-Fi. If you do not want to use data, you can choose to not purchase a Data Pass or you can turn off your roaming data.
More options for BlackBerry
  1. Check network connection.  In the upper corner of your phone if the antenna is showing off, the device is not connected to the network.  To restore a connection:
    1. Go to Home screen (or Application list) > Manage Connections > Restore Connections.
    2. Uncheck Mobile Network.
  2. Clear the browser cache and cookies.  This can free up memory and make browsing faster.
    1. Select Browser.
    2. Press Menu > Options.
    3. Check the following boxes:  History, Cookies, Cache.
    4. Select Clear Now.
    5. Close and relaunch your browser.
  3. Register your BlackBerry on the network:
    1. Go to Options > Device > Advanced System Settings (or Advanced Options).
    2. Select Host Routing Table.
    3. Press Menu > Register Now (You should see "Registration message sent!".
    4. Click OK.
More options for iPhone

For help with your iPhone, visit Apple Support - Troubleshooting a cellular data connection.

More options for Android
  1. Turn off Flight mode if you are not currently using it.
  2. Ensure data services settings are enabled:
    1. From Home screen, tap:
      Menu > Settings > Wireless and networks > Mobile networks > Use packet data.
      A green check mark appears.
  3. Clear the browser cache and cookies. This can free up memory and make browsing faster.
    1. From Home screen, tap:
      Applications > Web > Menu > More > Settings > Clear cache > OK.
    2. Select Clear all cookie data > OK.
    3. Close and relaunch your browser.
More options for Windows phone
  1. Check to see if your device is in Offline or Airplane Mode:
    1. From the Start screen: tap Settings > Airplane Mode > Off/On.
  2. Ensure data services settings are enabled:
    1. From the Home screen: tap Settings > Cellular> Data Connection switch to On.
  3. Clear the browser cache and cookies. This can free up memory and make browsing faster.
    1. From the Home screen: tap Internet Explorer.
    2. From the lower right corner of your screen, tap the icon consisting of three dots.
    3. Tap settings > delete history > delete to confirm.
    4. Close and restart your browser.


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