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Why doesn't my data work on my iPhone?

  1. Ensure that you subscribe to a data plan from Bell MTS.
  2. The network indicator on your device should show 3G, 4G or LTE.
    • If the network indicator is off, turn your mobile network settings on.
    • If No Service is showing you do not currently have service, try moving to a different location. If this doesn't work there may be an issue with your device.
  3. Are you in an area where there is coverage?
    • Ensure full bars are showing, if not, try moving to a different location.
  4. Depending on your device there are other troubleshooting steps to try:
    • Turn your phone off and then back on again.
    • iPhone – Try resetting your device.


  • When using data in Canada, you will be charged at the rate specified in your wireless data rate plan. You will be notified via text message when approaching $50 of wireless data overages. Consent to exceed $50 of wireless data will be required if you wish to continue using data in Canada, in which case you are expressly and knowingly consenting to pay the additional charges (taxes extra) associated with continued data use at overage rates defined in your rate plan.
  • When travelling outside of Canada and data roaming is turned on, you will be presented with options to purchase Data Passes when starting a data session. You will not be able to use data unless you have purchased one of these passes or are using Wi-Fi. If you do not want to use data, you can choose to not purchase a Data Pass or you can turn off your roaming data.

If you are still experiencing a problem, please Contact Us.


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