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Wireless Data Usage FAQs

To get your wireless data usage in real time, search for "Bell MTS MyAccount" in Google Play or the Apple App Store. Download the free app and install it on your wireless devices.

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Why does Bell MTS have a Fair Use Policy?
Bell MTS has a Fair Use Policy to manage its network so that you receive the best service experience possible.
What is Network Management

Data usage is growing in Canada and in an effort to ensure that you receive a consistent user experience; we manage the traffic on our wireless networks. This means that we use advanced network management technology and security functions such as speed throttling.

If you are using wireless data, Bell MTS may slow or "control" your speeds when your data usage exceeds a specific range of use or threshold.


If you are an Bell MTS HSPA/LTE customer and your total usage exceeds the 15GB threshold in a 30-day period, your data speeds will be slowed to 512 kilobits per second for downloads and uploads, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the remainder of the 30-day period.

If you are an HSPA/LTE user, this should not affect any applications that require less than 512 kilobits of download bandwidth or 512 kilobits of upload bandwidth (such as browsing and email), but could affect the performance of applications that normally require greater bandwidth.

How will I be notified that my usage is approaching the threshold?

You will be notified by text alerts when you reach 80% and again when you reach 100% of the Fair Use Policy threshold. The second notification (once you reach the threshold) tells you that you will likely notice reduced speeds.

This is an example of the text messages you would receive by network type:


When you reach 80% of total usage on HSPA/LTE:

Bell MTS Notice – your data usage is nearing the 15GB threshold. After 15GB/mo. You will notice slower speeds. Info @

When you reach 100% of total usage on HSPA/LTE:

Bell MTS Alert – You've reached the 15GB threshold of data usage this month, you will now notice reduced speeds. Info @

Why does Bell MTS manage traffic on its network?

We believe it is important to offer all customers on our network the best service experience possible. By managing the data on our network we ensure all customers have access to the most consistent, reliable experience.

Who is affected by Network Management?

Our Fair Use Policy and network management practices apply to all wireless data customers. Thresholds are dependent on the type of network you are on (HSPA or LTE). If you reach these thresholds in a 30-day period, you will experience controlled speeds.

Network Threshold
How will I be affected by these controlled speeds?

Controlled speeds should not affect low bandwidth applications like sending emails, streaming music, browsing and instant messaging. The reduced speeds may affect the performance and time required for applications that need more bandwidth such as streaming video services.

What type of traffic is subject to management?

All data is subject to the Fair Use Policy and Bell MTS' network management practices. We do not look at the type of data you use.

If you manage traffic on your network, does this mean that certain Bell MTS wireless data plans are not unlimited?

With our unlimited/flat rate data plans, no matter how much data you use in Manitoba, you will never incur any overage charges. We want you to have the peace of mind that no matter how much data you use; it is all included in your plan price. To ensure a consistent network experience for all, however, we have a Fair Use Policy in place to help us minimize the impact that a small number of users with uncharacteristically high usage have on the experience of our overall customer base.

Once you reach the threshold network usage, you may experience a slowdown in your speed (commonly referred to as throttling).

Can you give me a sense of how much data 15 GB is? Is that a lot?

It is a huge amount of data. Very few customers ever reach this amount. You can estimate how much activity you are using with our Wireless Data Usage Calculator.

What are some of the Activities that can trigger significant data usage?
  • Streaming/downloading video or audio from the Internet.
  • Sharing your device's mobile data connection with a laptop (tethering) or with other smartphones (creating a personal hotspot).
  • Using navigation apps.
  • Uploading or sharing photos and videos through social media, email or messaging apps.
  • Browsing the Internet for prolonged periods.
  • Using apps that automatically update or require the use of location services.
What are some ways to manage data usage?
  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network when available.
  • Update applications over Wi-Fi or with your computer and synchronize the updates to your smartphone through a USB cable or Bluetooth.
  • Close and sign out of apps whenever possible.
  • Use an application manager on your smartphone that could help identify high usage apps.
Does Bell MTS offer any data usage management tools?
  • If you are an HSPA/LTE customer, you can install the Bell MTS MyAccount mobile app, and monitor data usage. If you have installed the Bell MTS MyAccount mobile app, once you have reached the warning threshold, the app will provide a countdown of data usage until the threshold has been exceeded.

Example #1: Represents how close you are to the usage threshold. Fair Use Policy

Visit Bell MTS MyAccount App for more information on the app.

How much data do I use?

You can use our Wireless Data Usage Calculator to estimate the amount of data you use.

Where are data charges displayed on my bill?

Your monthly data usage is displayed on your bill under "Additional Unit Charges".

How long does Bell MTS control my data speeds for?

If you exceed the thresholds of 10GB or 15GB (depending on the network you're on), speeds will be controlled on the day of the month the threshold is exceeded and will continue for the rest of the billing cycle.

For example, if your billing cycle starts on the 8th of each month and you exceed your threshold on the 25th, you will be subject to controlled speeds from the 25th through to the last day of your billing cycle, in this case, the 7th of the following month. The data counter will reset at midnight that night.

Your billing cycle can be determined in the Wireless Charges section of your bill. The range of dates for charges is your billing cycle.

Unit Monthly Charges
  Date Amount
Bell MTS Plan 14-Nov 08-14 Dec 07 $00.00
How do I know which network I am using?

Bell MTS currently operates 4G LTE/HSPA+ Wireless Network.

To tell which network you are using, look at your device's network status indicator. This is usually located somewhere on the top of your device's display. Note that the indicator displayed will vary by manufacturer and model. You should consult your hardware manual for complete details.

LTE Network Indicator - Front 4G Network Indicator - Front

4G LTE Devices

  • A 4G LTE device will display either 4G or LTE when in a 4G LTE coverage area
  • A 4G LTE device will display either 4G, 3G, H or HSPA when in a 4G HSPA+ coverage area
  • A 4G LTE device will display either 2G, E, EDGE, or GSM when in a GSM coverage area
HSPA Network Indicator

HSPA Devices

  • An HSPA+ device will display either 3G, H or HSPA when in a HSPA+ coverage area
  • An HSPA+ device will display either 2G, E, EDGE or GSM when in a GSM coverage area
How does the Bell MTS Fair Use Policy work while I am roaming?

Bell MTS services and rate plans are designed for use predominantly in Manitoba. If your usage over a prolonged period of time is not predominantly in Manitoba, we may restrict your ability to receive service on those other networks as part of the administration of our Fair Use Policy.


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