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Call Again user guide

With Call Again, your phone will keep trying a busy phone line for up to 30 minutes until it becomes free. Once the line is free, you are notified with a distinctive ring and the call is connected for you.


  • Call Again cannot be used with any number beginning with area code 780.
  • If Call Forwarding is activated, the Call Again special ringing will not be forwarded to the location. If Call Again is activated on a telephone number that is currently forwarded, you will receive a recorded message "We are sorry. The last number you called cannot be reached by this method. Please hang up and try again later or call the number directly".
  • When Call Again is used to return a call to a number with Teen Ring, the call will always be returned to the main telephone number.
  • While setting up a 3-Way Calling connection, you cannot place a Call Again request trying to contact the third party.
To use Call Again
  1. After getting a busy signal, hang up and wait for a dial tone.
  2. Enter *66 on your phone or dial 1166 on your rotary dial phone.
  3. A voice prompt will announce that the last number you called is busy.
  4. Hang up the telephone. Call Again will monitor the busy number until both parties are free, or for thirty minutes, whichever comes first. When the called party's line is free, Call Again notifies you with two short rings and one long ring.
  5. Pick up the receiver and wait for the call to be connected. No dialing is necessary.
  6. If you are unavailable to answer the first 'ring back' the system will 'ring back' a second time in three minutes. If the second 'ring back' is not answered, the Call Again request will be cancelled. If you are on another call when the system attempts the first 'ring back' a second attempt will take place within 30 minutes of activation. If that attempt is unsuccessful, the Call Again request will be cancelled.
To cancel Call Again
  1. Pick up the Handset, listen for the dial tone and enter *86 on your phone or dial 1186 on a rotary dial phone. You will hear a voice prompt that states: "You have cancelled all your requests to return calls. Please hang up now."
  2. Hang up the telephone.
Enhanced Call Again

In some areas, Enhanced Call Again is available.

  1. If you make a call and the line is busy, Bell MTS Enhanced Call Again will offer to redial the number for you for 60¢. When prompted, simply press the * button on your phone. We'll redial the busy line for up to 30 minutes. When the line is free, we'll let you know with a distinctive-sounding ring.
  2. To temporarily deactivate Enhanced Call Again, simply press *03 before making your call. To permanently disable it, press *02.


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