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Call Return user guide

No more missed calls: Call Return allows you to call back the last person who called.


  • Call Return works with most direct-dialed calls from most areas.
  • Call Return cannot return a call to a number that has Call Forward activated. You will receive a message that Call Return does not follow Call Forwarding.
  • Calls cannot be returned when calls are placed from:
    • Phones using Call Blocking features
    • Certain payphones
    • Some business lines
    • Certain cellular phones
    • Some long distance connections
    • Through the operator
  • If the calling number was blocked, no number will be delivered, and the customer will receive a synthesized voice message advising that the call was marked "private".
  • To protect privacy, Call Return is automatically disabled if the incoming call has been blocked, whether local or long distance.
To use Call Return
  1. Lift the handset and listen for a dial tone.
  2. Enter *69. The Call Return voice will tell you the number of the last caller, provided they called from an area where Call Display Services are available.
  3. To return a call, press 1 when the Call Return voice prompts you. Call Return will dial the number. If the line is busy, Call Return will monitor the line for up to 30 minutes and will notify you with a series of short-short-long rings when it becomes free.
To cancel Call Return

Pick up the handset and enter *89.


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