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Combined Mailbox instructions


Activating Call Forward to a number other than your mailbox will disengage your Combined Mailbox. Calls will not reach your Combined Mailbox until you program Call Forward to do so. To activate any type of Call Forward to your Combined Mailbox, dial your voice mail access number (204-225-9999).

  1. Dial 204-225-9999 from anywhere in Manitoba, or 1-866-GET-MSGS (1-866-438-6747) when in Canada or the U.S. to access your Combined Mailbox.


    With Combined Mailbox, *99 is not compatible with your wireless mailbox.

  2. Press #.
  3. Enter your mailbox number (your home phone number).
  4. Enter your password.


    If accessing the system for the first time, your password is your home phone number.


Hours of operation