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IP Relay Emergency Services FAQs

Can I dial emergency services using Bell MTS IP Relay?

Yes, but we urge you to call 9-1-1 using your TTY (if available) for emergency calls to avoid possible life-threatening delay.

If you need to contact emergency services such as police, fire and ambulance using Bell MTS IP relay, the Bell MTS IP Relay operator will route your emergency call over the Wireline E911 network to the nearest public safety answering point (PSAP) based on your registered Wireline phone number.

When using Bell MTS IP Relay for your emergency calls, be sure to provide your name, location and any important information clearly so the operator can quickly contact your local emergency response center.

How do I call emergency services using Bell MTS IP Relay?

Simply select the emergency button from the Bell MTS IP Relay "Make a call" tab. The Bell MTS IP Relay operator will verify your location even if you have a registered Wireline phone number on file. Be sure to clearly describe your emergency and any other identifying information at the beginning of the call.

Why must I provide you with a registered Wireline phone number for Emergency Service?

To make sure the emergency personnel (police, fire, ambulance) know where to go in an emergency.

What would happen if I was disconnected from the operator during an Emergency call?

The operator would complete the call to emergency services and provide emergency services with your information.

What information should I provide when I call Emergency Services?

Be sure to tell the Bell MTS IP Relay Operator the following information:

  • Your current street address (where are you?).
  • Your name.
  • What is the emergency.
  • Any additional information that will help the emergency personnel.


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