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Change your fax machine ring settings

In order to use teen ring with your fax machine you must have your distinctive ring settings enabled. Refer to the user manual for your fax machine to determine how to adjust these settings.

This is an example for a Brother Fax Machine:

  1. Press Menu/Set on the Control Panel.
  2. Press the up or down navigation key to select Fax, Miscellaneous, and Distinctive or BT Call Sign.
  3. Press the up navigation key to select ON (Set).
  4. Press the Menu/Set key.
  5. If you do not hear any ring pattern here, press the Stop/Exit key, to exit. Do not proceed to the next step.
  6. If you begin hearing ring patterns, these can be programmed into the unit. Press the up or down navigation key to listen to each ring pattern and continue the steps below.

    There are 4 pre-stored ring patterns in the machine:

    • Long - Long
    • Short - Long - Short
    • Short - Short - Long
    • Very Long
  7. Choose the ring pattern that best resembles the distinctive ring pattern assigned to you.
  8. Press the Menu/Set key.
  9. Press the Stop/Exit key.


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