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Why is there static on my phone line?

Cordless phones

Cordless phones are often the cause of transmission noise or cross-talk/conversations on the telephone line.

  1. Try changing the channel on your cordless telephone to see if this will eliminate the problem.
  2. Unplug the cordless phone from the telephone jack and then check a regular corded telephone to see if the noise problem still persists.
  3. Unplug all of your telephone equipment for a few minutes from the jack, then plug each piece back in one at a time, starting with your non-cordless telephones. Each time, check your phone line for noise. If the noise is gone, the trouble is likely with one of your unplugged pieces of telephone equipment.
  4. If the problem still occurs or you require assistance contact us. You can also complete and submit a repair request.


Please give us as much detail as possible about the nature of your problem so that we can find a solution more quickly.

High Speed Internet filters

If you have Bell MTS High Speed Internet, it is required that you install filters on each of your phones. If you do not have any filters or they are faulty, they can be picked up at a Bell MTS store. To install these filters, please follow these steps:

  1. Unplug your telephone from the wall jack.
  2. Plug in the filter.
  3. Plug your telephone into the port on the filter labelled for phone use.
  4. If you wish to plug in your modem at this time, there is a port directly beside the phone port on the filter.

To identify if you have a filter issue, unplug the power to the Bell MTS High Speed Internet modem and check if the static is gone. If there is no static on the line there is a filter issue. Check every phone jack that is currently in use and check if there is a filter present, ensure each device is plugged into the phone side of the filter. The Bell MTS High Speed Internet modem should not be plugged into the phone side of the filter.


If you are experiencing difficulties (noise problems) with your cordless phone, using two filters in series may remedy this issue.


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