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Replace the Battery of Your UPS-1232

  1. Leave the UPS plugged in. If you unplug the UPS, you will disconnect the Bell MTS services in your home.
  2. Place your left hand on the left portion of the unit with your thumb wrapped over the side, and grasp the cover.
  3. Place your right hand on the right side of the unit for resistance.
  4. Pull out and to the left to open the cover and reveal the battery.
  5. You may leave the lid in its hinges, or remove the lid from the hinges, by sliding it up and out, if your prefer.
  6. Hold the battery from top to bottom with one hand firmly, and use your other hand to move the battery clasps outwards.
  7. Pull the battery from its clasps out of the unit firmly.
  8. Once battery is out of its clasped position, remove the two leads from the two battery terminals.


    For instructions on how to obtain a new battery, please see Getting a New Battery.

  9. Remove any packaging from your new battery.
  10. Connect the leads from the UPS to their corresponding terminal on the new battery.
    1. The lead with the extra red plastic covering corresponds to the red terminal.
    2. The other lead corresponds to the black terminal.
  11. Push the clasps outwards and push the new battery back into the clasped position. The leads/terminal should be at the bottom right side of the battery.
  12. Once your new battery is in place, replace the cover on the UPS by inserting the lid back in the hinges and closing the lid over and to the right. You will need to ensure the battery leads are tucked into the cover in order for the cover to close properly.


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