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Medical Response Installation and battery replacement instructions

Step 1: Select base station location. The base station must be near an electrical outlet, a telephone jack, and should be in an area of your house where you spend a lot of time.

Step 2: Connect to the telephone line. If a phone is already plugged into the jack, unplug it and connect to the House Phone port on the back of the base station. Your phone will continue to operate normally. Connect one end of the supplied phone cord into the port marked Line In on the back of the base station. Plug the other end of the phone cord into the phone jack.

Step 3: Connect power. Insert the plug on the power cord in the AC Connector on the back of the base station. Connect the AC adapter into an electrical outlet. Do not use an electrical outlet controlled by a switch.

Step 4: Insert batteries: The base unit requires 4 AA batteries. To install, unscrew the cover on the bottom of the base unit and install the batteries as shown by the diagram in the battery compartment area.

The pendant requires lithium ion batteries. An extra battery has been provided, so you always have a charged battery. Place the extra battery in the front charging area of the base unit. To install the battery in the pendant, unscrew the battery cap counter clockwise. Pull the battery cap off. Install the battery with the negative side facing the cap. Replace the cap, turning clockwise until snug.


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