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How to Access the Stingray Music Mobile App

To get started, search for "Stingray Music Mobile" in Google Play or the Apple App Store. Download the app and install it on your wireless devices.

Download on the App Store Android App on Google play


Once the app is installed, you will need to authenticate it to your TV service.

  • Create an account using either direct sign in (email address & password) or with Facebook.
  • On first use, you will need to pair your device to your TV service using your MyAccount credentials.
    • Sign up for MyAccount.
      1. On the Authentication page click Yes, continue for free service.
      2. Select Bell MTS from the list of available providers.
      3. Press Authenticate with Bell MTS.
      4. Enter your MyAccount username and password.
      5. Press Start Stingray Music.

Congratulations the Stingray Music App is now paired with your Bell MTS Fibe TV Account.


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