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Live TV Controls

While watching TV, the arrow buttons on your remote control can provide you with additional programming information.

Up Arrow Button

Pressing the up arrow button while watching TV will present you with the top 5 live programs being watched and Trending by Fibe TV customers at that moment, in real time.

Using the right and left buttons you can select any of the channels and press OK, to change the channel to that program.

Down Arrow Button

Press the down arrow button to view what is on other channels while watching your current program.

After pressing the down arrow button to activate channel surfing, press the up or down arrow button to view information and a small live image of what is playing on other channels.

Press the OK button to change channels to the current program info you are viewing.

Press the right arrow button on any channel to see the next 4 programs coming up on that channel.

Left Arrow Button

Press the left arrow button to access the main menu.

Right Arrow Button

Press the right arrow button to access various viewing options such as TV filters, favourites, closed captioning, and TV zoom.

Use the up and down arrow buttons to select the viewing option you wish to modify and press OK.


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