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What is Restart and how do I use it?

Restart lets you watch a show already in progress, or up to 30 hours after it started, from the beginning – even if you forgot to set the recording on your PVR. You can simply start from the beginning by hitting Restart.

How will I know if I can restart a program?

In the programming guide, a left-pointing arrowhead beside a channel number indicates that the channel has programs that can be restarted.

You can restart shows identified by the Restart symbol.  

There are three ways to find out if you can restart a program:

  1. For shows already in progress, look for the Restart button in the channel peek bar that appears when you tune in to a channel, or by pressing the down arrow on your remote.
  2. Look for the Restart symbol in the guide beside the program name. The symbol can appear on shows that started in the past 30 hours. To find them, simply browse left on the guide using the arrows on your remote.
  3. Look for the Restart button on the program info page that you access by pressing the info button on your remote control.
How do I restart a show already in progress?

While browsing shows already in progress, press select or OK on your remote when you see the channel peek bar. If the bar disappears, you can simply press the down arrow on you remote to bring it back.

Alternatively, you can also select the Restart button from the program info page by pressing the info button on your remote while tuned in to a program.

How do I restart a previously aired program?

Browse left in your guide to see programs that have aired in the past 30 hours. If a program that you want to watch has the Restart symbol beside its name, press the select or OK button on your remote.

From the info page that appears, select Watch in the left menu.

For how long can I watch a Restart program?

Shows already in progress are only available for a period equal to the duration of the show after the live broadcast has ended. You'll be able to pause or rewind a Restart program as long as you stay within that window.

If for example you're watching a 30-minute program, you'll get an extra 30 minutes after the live broadcast has ended. For a 60 minute program, you'll get an extra 60 minutes.

You can restart a show that has finished airing, but had started within the past 30 hours, as long as it still has the Restart symbol next to it in the guide.

Why are some programs or channels available for Restart while others are not?

Restart is already available on thousands of shows on popular major networks. Bell MTS will continue to secure more content for Restart over time.

Can I fast forward a Restart program?

Like live TV, you can't skip commercials or fast forward. A few channels might allow fast forward in Restart mode, but most do not.

How do I exit Restart?

If Restart has been enabled and you want to exit, press EXIT TO TV and then press OK to resume watching live TV.


Restart might happen when you:

  • Use the PAUSE or REW button, then press the SKIP FWD button in rapid succession.
    • TIP: When fast forwarding a program, use the FF button to advance instead of the SKIP FWD button.
  • Go to a program you are currently recording and immediately press the REW or REPLAY button.
    • TIP: Wait for the description 'popup' to disappear first before pressing the REW and REPLAY buttons or press RECORDED TV to access your recordings.
  • Use the LAST button to go to a Restart channel you have previously rewound or paused.
    • TIP: Pressing the EXIT TO TV button will return you to Live TV or change the 'LAST' button to 'Show last five channels viewed' by going to Menu > Settings > Television > Setup last button.
If I exit a Restart program, can I resume later from where I left off?

Yes, it is possible to resume programs from where you left off under some conditions. In those cases, the Restart or Watch button is replaced by a Resume button.

Can I record a program that I've restarted?

Like on demand content, Restart programs cannot be recorded. However, for shows in progress, you can go back to live TV and record the show from that point on.

Why can some programs be restarted while they are in progress but not once they finished?

The content rights determine whether a program can be restarted once it finishes airing.


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