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YouTube on Fibe TV

What do I need to get started?

The YouTube app is only available for the 4K Whole Home PVR which is included in the subscription to "4K Service", and a minimum Internet plan of Fibe 50Mbps and above. You must also have a 4K compatible television to view content in 4K.

How do I access YouTube?

Press menu on your remote to bring up the Fibe menu options. Scroll down to the apps section using your directional pad, press OK, select YouTube.

Do I need to sign up for YouTube?

You're free to watch YouTube videos as a guest, however, if you have a Google account, you can sign in to access your unique YouTube playlists and channel subscriptions by first signing in to your Google profile on the YouTube app on Fibe TV.

To sign in to your Google profile you must first open the YouTube app on Fibe TV.

Step 1: Find the activation code and sign in

  1. Once you are in the YouTube app within Fibe TV, press the left arrow to bring up the YouTube menu.
  2. Navigate to the Sign in screen in the YouTube app.
  3. You'll be prompted to visit the site with a computer or mobile device on the TV screen.
  4. On your computer or mobile device, go to the and sign in with your Google account if prompted.


After signing in, you may be presented with a list of Google identities associated with your account. This list includes:

  • Your account's personal identity. If you have a Google+ profile, it's your name; otherwise, it's your email address.
  • Any Google+ pages managed by your account. Be sure to select one that's linked to a YouTube channel.
  • All your Google+ pages even if they're not linked to a YouTube channel. If you select one that doesn't have a YouTube channel, you won't be able to sign in.

Step 2: Complete the activation process

  1. On your computer or mobile device, you will be presented with a 'Connect a Device' page.
  2. Enter the code displayed on your Fibe TV screen into your computer or mobile device.
  3. Select an account.
  4. Select 'Allow' in the browser.
  5. The YouTube app on your TV will log in automatically. Please wait.

To check if sign in was successful, navigate left to the menu on the YouTube app and you'll see your selected Google identity. To sign out of your YouTube profile

  1. Select Settings in the left-hand side menu.
  2. Select SIGN OUT and confirm you want to sign out of the current YouTube profile.

You will be signed out of your profile but still able to use YouTube as a guest.

Learn more about how to sign in to your profile.

How much does YouTube cost?

YouTube is available free of charge with your subscription to “4K Service”. Bell MTS does not charge additional fees to access YouTube.

Bell MTS does not charge extra for Internet usage.

How do I exit the YouTube app?

There are multiple ways for you to exit the YouTube app:

  • Press and hold (2 seconds) the BACK/EXIT button on the Fibe TV remote to exit the app.
  • Press the GUIDE button to exit the app and display the guide.
  • Press the MENU button to exit the app and launch the Fibe TV menu.
How do I enable parental controls?

Parental controls for the YouTube app are separate from those you set on Fibe TV. To enable the restricted mode for YouTube:

  1. Select SETTINGS option found in the left menu.
  2. Enable Restricted mode.

Learn more about the restricted mode from the YouTube Help centre.

How do I set my language preferences?

Language preferences on the YouTube app match language preference set on Fibe TV.

Why does my YouTube not work?

Customers must be subscribed to Internet Fibe 50 and above. If you are having difficulties, ensure you are subscribed to Internet Fibe 50 and above. Bell MTS cannot support operation of YouTube or Netflix without adequate subscription to Internet.

The YouTube application on Fibe TV is only available with “4K Service” which includes the 4K Whole Home PVR. Current Bell MTS PVRs that do not have the 4K insignia on the top front left corner of the device are not eligible.

Why is YouTube not displaying 4K?

4K programming on YouTube is managed by Google’s stream management policies and technologies. Not all YouTube content is available on 4K.

When using YouTube, the video quality affects how much data is used.

Learn how to change video quality in the YouTube Help centre.

Does watching YouTube on my Fibe TV set-top box use one of my four (4) streams?

No, 4K YouTube does not use a stream on the set-top box. If you are using all four (4) streams to watch other programming, you will still have access to 4K YouTube on your set-top box.

Why can’t I record 4K YouTube programs to my PVR?

Whether a program can be recorded or not is the decision of the Content Rights Holder.

Google, as the Content Rights Holder, does not allow their programming to be recorded on any device, as such, recording to the PVR is disabled.



If you experience issues such as flickering (a flashing black screen), please try unplugging the HDMI cable between the 4K set-top box and your TV and then plugging it back in.

Loss of HDMI signal

If you experience a loss of HDMI signal (e.g. no picture, or a black screen that says to connect your HDMI input), please try the following:

  • Unplug the HDMI cable between the 4K set-top box and your TV and plug it back in.

If the issue is not resolved, unplug the power cord of your 4K set-top box and plug it back in after 5 seconds.


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