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Arris VIP2502 Reference Guide

Arris VIP2502 Installation Guide (PDF, 1.17 MB)

Front Panel Lights/Function

Key Item Function
1 POWER Switch Press quickly to turn the set-top box on or off.
Press and hold for 10 seconds to perform a full restart.
2 USB USB 2.0 port (Not compatible with Bell MTS service).
3 SIGNAL Indicates signal quality.
4 LINK Green: Connected to the Bell MTS TV network.
5 HD Blue: Set-top box is receiving an HD signal.
6 RECORD Red: PVR is recording one or more shows.
7 MENU Displays the on-screen menu.
8 UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT/OK Arrows allow you to navigate the menu.
OK selects/accepts channel and menu options.
Rear Panel Function

Key Item Function
1 OPTICAL S/PDIF output. High-quality digital audio output (to a digital home theatre receiver).
2 NETWORK Ethernet 10/100 Base-T RJ-45 port.
3 Y PB PR RCA-type component video outputs to an HD-TV or home theatre receiver. It carries video only; you must also connect to the TV or home theatre receiver for audio.
4 VIDEO OUT RCA-type, standard-quality video output (to a TV, VCR, DVD recorder, or other device). It carries video only, you must also connect to the TV or home theatre receiver for audio.
5 AUDIO OUT L & R Stereo audio outputs (Left and right RCA-type).
6 HDMI High-Definition output. Connects to an HD-TV or home theatre receiver with an HDMI input.
7 POWER DC power adapter connector.
Finding the MAC Address

You can find the MAC address on a sticker on the bottom of the unit.


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