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Getting ready for your Bell MTS TV installation

The Bell MTS installer will be in your home for approximately 3 to 8 hours, depending on the services you have ordered. You will receive a reminder call the day prior to your installation.

If you live in a community using the Bell MTS Fibre Optic Network, please visit Bell MTS FiON® Network Installation - Temporary and Buried Drops for more information.

Before we arrive, please check:

Important General Information
  • Person at home during the entire installation should be the person who will be using the service and a resident of the home who is at least 18 years of age. This person must be able to authorize any drilling or wiring required for the installation. One-on-one training (product features and use) will be provided at the end of the installation.


    If you rent your residence, you must make prior arrangements to gain access to the phone room and obtain permission from your landlord (written permission from the landlord is required for any exposed wiring or drilling).

  • All gates are unlocked so the installer can gain access to the backyard where the Bell MTS box is located.
  • Pets are restrained or removed from the work area(s) including the yard(s).
  • All items are removed (knick-knacks/pictures/etc.) from the installer work areas.
  • If you have a finished basement, you must be able to remove any removable ceiling tiles or be prepared for exposed wiring. Bell MTS cannot remove ceiling tiles or cut holes into finished ceilings. Concealed wiring will also limit installation options.
  • If you have a monitored alarm system, please advise your alarm company of the date and time of your Bell MTS Service installation. Phone service may be briefly disrupted during the installation.
  • The installer is not responsible for connecting any external devices (DVD players, gaming devices, surround sound speakers, etc).
Bell MTS TV Installation
  • Be sure that your TV(s) and computer(s) are functional.
  • Ensure there is an extra electrical power outlet at each TV for the set top box. (A power bar may assist with all your connections required.)
  • The installer can easily access the back of your TVs.
  • If you are a Bell MTS High Speed Internet subscriber, the installer will need your Internet password, so please have it ready.
  • If you have wireless router, please have the WEP key for your wireless home network available so the technician can configure your new gateway with your existing wireless settings.
  • Channel Groups. The most popular channel groups will be set up for the initial installation.
  • Sign up for MyAccount and get 24/7 access to:
    • Channel and Package Changes instantly at Please allow a minimum of 48 hours after TV installation to use this feature.
    • MyPVR to manage your recordings over the Internet (and select mobile devices).
  • Your first bill. Your first bill may be pro-rated. It could include up to 2 months of services depending on your bill date. TV charges may not appear on your first bill depending on your billing due date. For additional information please visit billing support.
  • Self-serve online.Sign up for MyAccount and get 24/7 access to:
    • Online Bill. Access your bill anytime, anywhere. It's a convenient, environmentally friendly alternative to your paper bill.
    • Pre-Authorized Payments. Never worry about whether you've paid your Bell MTS bill.
    • Billing and Payments. View and pay your bill.
    • TV channel changes. Change your TV channels online.

Visit terms & conditions for further details.


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