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Recording FAQs

How many programs can I record at once?

You can watch or record up to four shows at the same time.

How many recordings can I watch simultaneously?

You can play back up to four previously recorded shows simultaneously, one of the feeds needs to be at the TV connected to your PVR box.

Can I schedule a recurring recording with my PVR?

Yes. You can schedule a recurring recording by setting up a series recording. Press GUIDE and navigate to the program that you want to record. Press RECORD twice and a series record icon will appear in the program guide.

What is the difference between a Video On Demand and a PVR recording?

Video On Demand features movies that you can rent and watch as many times as you want within the rental period (usually 24 hours). A recording is a TV or Pay-per-view event that you recorded on your PVR as it's being aired.

Can I record a Pay-per-view or Video On Demand program with my PVR?

You can record a Pay-per-view event but due to copyright protection you cannot record a Video On Demand program.

If my PVR is off, will it still record a scheduled program?

Yes. The PVR will turn on to start recording and turn off when the recording is completed.

If I reset my PVR set top box will I lose my scheduled recordings?

No. All of your scheduled recordings will be saved.


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