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My cell phone will not make calls. What do I do?

There could be various reasons why you cannot make or receive calls on your device.

  1. Wait for 5 minutes and try making the call again or try making the call from another location.
    • This could be a temporary issue related to tower congestion or an interruption of service.
  2. Check signal strength on the device. If the bars are low the device may not be getting a sufficient signal. Try repositioning your phone or move near a window if you are inside.
  3. Check the power indicator on you device, if the battery is low it may need to be charged.
  4. There may be an interruption of service due to billing issue. Ensure your account is not past due.
  5. If your device has a Sim Card ensure that it is properly inserted into your device.
  6. There could be an issue with your device. Visit the Bell MTS store where you got the device or Contact Us.
  1. If the network indicator is not picking up a network, try restoring the connection.
    1. On the Home screen or in the application list click Manage Connections.
    2. Ensure there is a check mark beside Mobile Network.
  2. If you still cannot make or receive calls then perform a battery pull.
    1. Remove the battery cover.
    2. Remove the battery.
    3. Wait one minute.
    4. Replace the battery.
    5. Replace the battery cover.
    6. Wait for your device to restart.
Apple iPhone
  1. Make sure that the Airplane Mode is turned off. To Turn off Airplane Mode:
    1. Tap Settings.
    2. Change Airplane Mode to Off.
  2. Toggle airplane mode on for 15 seconds and then off again.
  3. If not resolved Powercycle the device. Turn off for 30 seconds and then on again.
  4. Try resetting the network settings.
    1. Tap Settings.
    2. Tap General.
    3. Tap Reset.
    4. Scroll down and tap Reset Network Settings.


    Resetting your Network Settings will also reset all saved Wi-Fi and VPN connection settings.

Also see Apple's call troubleshooting assistant:

  1. Make sure the Flight Mode is turned off.
    1. Tap and hold On/Off.
    2. Tap Flight mode.
    3. Depending on the current setting, flight mode is now turned on or off.
  2. Turn Device off, wait for 30 seconds and then turn on.
Windows Phone
  1. Make sure Airplane Mode is off
    1. From the Start screen, scroll down and tap Settings.
    2. Tap Airplane Mode.
    3. Tap the status switch beside On.
  2. Turn Device off, wait for 30 seconds and then turn back on.


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