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Fax Management allows you to maintain a contact list of fax numbers. Fax contacts may be used when sending or replying to a fax.

Creating Fax Contacts List
  1. Select the Fax Contacts tab.

  2. In "Contact list" click on Add a contact.

  3. Fill in all required information in the Contact details section.

  4. Click the Add button to save changes or Cancel to discard the entry.

Import Contacts to Fax Management
  1. Select the Contact Import tab.
  2. In "Import Details" specify :
    • File Name (Select a CSV File form your computer to import into Fax Management).
    • Duplicate Contacts (Ignore or Overwrite).
  3. Click the Import button to proceed or Cancel to discard.


The CSV (Comma Separated Value) file must follow a specific format in order to be successfully imported; click the View a sample CSV file link located above the "File Name" field for more information.


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