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Managing the fax inbox

The Inbox allows you to manage all received faxes. Faxes are stored in the Inbox for 40 days. All faxes that exceed 40 days will automatically be sent to the email address assigned to your Desktop Fax account in Portable Document Format (PDF) before they are deleted from our system.

Management Options

Management options are a series of icons, which provide the ability to store or send your fax contents.

This table provides a brief description for each icon and a link to the step-by-step instructions.

Utility Description
Preview See a thumbnail preview of your fax.
View View a full-size version of your fax.
Rotate Fax Rotate your fax to adjust the view.
Email fax document Send a received fax as an email attachment.
Download PDF Download your fax as a PDF document.
Download TIFF Download your fax as a TIFF document.
Move to Archive Move the fax to your archive folder.
Delete Permanently delete the selected fax.
Preview a Fax

Click the Preview Fax icon.

View a Fax

Click the View Fax icon. The fax thumbnail is displayed.

Rotate a Fax

Click the Rotate Fax icon. The fax image will rotate 90° clockwise.

Email a Fax as an Attachment
  1. Click the Email fax document icon. The Forward fax via email screen opens.

  2. Enter the email address in the Email Recipients field. Alternatively, click the Select contact(s) link to add a contact from the list of existing contacts


    Multiple entries must be separated by commas.

  3. Enter the message description in the Email message field.

  4. Click Send.

Download a Fax as a PDF
  1. Click the Download PDF icon. All the fax contents will be converted into a PDF document in a detached window.

  2. Click the Save icon.
Download a Fax as a Tiff

Click the Download TIFF icon. All the fax contents will be converted into a TIFF document.

Move a Fax to the Archive
  1. Click the Move to Archive icon.

  2. On the Confirmation dialog, click Yes.

Delete a Fax
  1. Click the Delete icon.

  2. On the Confirmation dialog, click Yes.


    Faxes that have been deleted are permanently removed from the system and cannot be restored.


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