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Outbox / Archive

The Outbox contains messages that have been queued for sending. A maximum of twenty faxes are queued at any given time (each phone number in a fax with multiple recipients is counted as a separate fax in the queue). The speed at which the queue clears will depend on the complexity of the images being faxed and the length (number of pages) of each fax.

Desktop Fax will make five attempts to send your fax to each recipient. Once a fax has been successfully sent, the fax will be automatically moved from Outbox to your Archive folder; you will also receive a notification by email that the fax was sent successfully.

When a fax is queued in the Outbox it can be removed using the Delete icon located in the right-hand column.

Faxes that have been successfully sent are automatically moved into Archive. In order for Inbox faxes to be moved into Archive, you must click on the Move to Archive icon. The Archive provides you with multiple ways to search for sent and received messages. The Management toolbar in Archive uses the same icons and functionality as Management Utilities.


Faxes are permanently removed from Archive after 40 days.


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