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Send a fax

  1. Enter the fax numbers in the Destination Fax numbers box.


    If you choose to enter multiple fax numbers please make sure you separate them by semi-colons. You can enter the fax number(s) manually or you can select from among your saved contacts by clicking on Select contacts. When you click on Select contacts a new window will open where you can add the wanted fax numbers.

  2. Select Files to Fax by clicking Browse. You may attach up to three files.
  3. Select the checkbox if you wish to Add a Cover Page.
  4. Select from the dropdown box the Language you wish the cover page to be in (If more than one language is available).
  5. Enter the requested information:
    • Person - (to whom will you address this fax)
    • Company - (company name)
    • Location - (location)
    • Phone Number – (phone number)
    • Regarding - (subject line)
    • Comments - (message)

    If you wish to change the cover page template click on Change cover page. A new window will open where you will be able to choose a new template.

    1. Click on to zoom in on a chosen template<
    2. Click on the chosen template. As soon as you click on a template it will be displayed with a check mark.
    3. Click Apply to save the changes or Cancel to dismiss the changes.
  6. Click Send to queue your fax for delivery or Cancel to discard changes. Your fax will be placed in the Outbox with status message indicating success/failure of delivery.


    An attached file cannot exceed 5 MB in size.


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