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Why does my mail program keep asking for my password?

This problem usually happens for one of three reasons:

  1. Your email address has not yet been validated.
  2. The password saved in your email program is incorrect.
  3. Your email password has recently been changed or reset.

Email validation is required when:

  • You are an existing Bell MTS customer who has never used your email account.
Validate your email address
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address (i.e.
  3. Enter your email password.
  4. Click Log In.

Once you have logged into Webmail, you may be asked to fill in some personal information which is part of the validation process. After completing this information, you will be redirected to the online email homepage. Your email account is now validated.

You can now set up your newly validated email address in your email program and set up a new secret question.

If your email address has been validated and your email program is still asking you to enter a password, the password may be incorrect.

There are a few common reasons for this issue:

  • The email password has been recently changed but not updated in your email program.
  • The CAPS Lock was on when you typed in the password.
  • You have forgotten your password.


To protect your email account security, we do not keep your email password on file and have no way of retrieving it. If you have forgotten your password it will need to be reset.

Reset your email password


When you set up your MTS Mail account - you would have been asked to select a secret question in order to recover a lost password. If you did not setup a secret question or can't remember your answer, please Contact Us.

If you don't remember your email password, please see instructions on resetting it.

Reset MTS Mail Password


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