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Internet Data Usage Calculator

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How is data calculated?

  • One web page visit = 1MB
  • One email (text only) = 0.035MB
  • One photo (uploaded or downloaded) = 3MB
  • One hour of online gaming = 20MB
  • One hour of streaming audio = 42MB
  • One minute of streaming video (standard definition) = 2.4MB
  • One Instant Message (50 characters) = 0.024MB
  • 1 Megabyte(MB) = 1024 Kilobytes(KB)
  • 1 Gigabyte(GB) = 1024 Megabytes(MB)

Other online activities:

  • Email with photo attachment = 3MB
  • 1 Song (uploaded or downloaded) = 5.7MB

*Photo applies to both uploading and downloading activity. Instant Message applies to messages of 50 characters. Please note that actual file sizes and data usage will vary. The examples are intended to be used as guidelines only.


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