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Internet data use FAQs

Does Bell MTS have data use limits?

Bell MTS does not have data use limits on its personal High Speed Internet plans, they are unlimited.

Bell MTS reserves the right to restrict data usage in the event that a customers' data usage is so excessive that it impacts the network capacity and our ability to provide service to other customers.

Typical browsing or average household online streaming behaviours are not considered excessive use.

What are Internet data use limits?

Data use limits are restrictions placed on the amount of data you can stream or download from the Internet each month. Other Internet providers may have these data use limits; however, Bell MTS has unlimited data usage on all personal High Speed Internet plans.

Does Bell MTS monitor the type of Internet data that customers are using?

No, Bell MTS does not monitor the type of Internet data its customers are using. However, all data is subject to the Internet Usage Policy.

Does Bell MTS manage traffic on its High Speed Internet network?

Bell MTS does on occasion manage network traffic in order to offer all customers on our network the best service experience possible. By managing the data on our network, we can ensure that all customers have access to a consistent, reliable experience.

How does Bell MTS's network management practices affect customers?

Bell MTS may control the speeds of customers' High Speed Internet in a specific geographic area in order to ensure that there is enough bandwidth available to all customers. When a customer is experiencing controlled speeds, the reduced speeds should not affect low bandwidth applications like sending emails, website browsing, and instant messaging applications. Reduced speeds will likely affect the performance and length of time required for applications that can require greater bandwidth like peer-to-peer file sharing.


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